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Residencetime optimized melt pumps

eprotec, the specialist for gear pump assisted extrusion, already optimized 10 years ago the flow channel diameters of their high quality melt pumps to avoid diameter varying to adapters.
This provides the following advantages; reduction of the volumetric capacity in the connectors, higher melt-flow-velocity and reduction of the melt’s residence time! The eprotec melt gear pump series guarantees with its essential features dead-spots-free, rheological optimized flow channels minimum polymer residence times, constant flow velocities without any wall adhesion or discolorations of the melt.

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eprotec 83% CaCO3

In January 2007, eprotec extrusion technology AG (CH-8105 Regensdorf introduced a melt pump for a filter percentage of 83% CaCO3 in PP/PELD compounding. For the time being, it is the highest filter percentage in gear pump supported extrusion. A performance of 3.5t/h is another milestone in the success story of the Swiss company.

Therewith eprotec continues strengthening its reputation as a leading supplier of melt pumps in high speed extrusion, DSD recycling and fibre glass/BaSo4 compounding.

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6.4 tons/h PVC with 50-70% limestone

2014 the melt-X 80 was successfully put into operation for 4.2 t/h for the sensitive compound with 50-70% CaCO3. The eprotec melt pump melt-X 80 is used for process stability and precise pressure build-up in the application with a Co-rotating twin-screw extruder. With optimization of the upstream equipment, the plant produces since 2015 6.4 t/h micro pellets with 50-70% limestone. The second line for 6.4 t/h was put into operation in summer of 2016.